KMS Printers


Our history:

Khaled Sheikh, Sam and Umead Khaled set up KMS Printers in 2006 after realizing there was a gap in the market for a fast turnaround, cost friendly full colour printers.

Sheikh & Sam both had 25 years’ experience behind them, and Sam had 14 years sales experience with a good knowledge of the Sign and Print industry.

Sheikh & Sam had been friends through college days and knew that with Sam’s drive, Sheikh’s management skills and Sam’s sales abilities Sing Tolls would quickly become a success. Umead Did his Graduation in Design & Photography and joined our team with a passion to take to next height.

Team That Made KMSP:

KMSP now employs ‘selected-with-great-care’ individuals who all help the 2,6000 customers (ever growing) we now supply. They bring knowledge, experience, friendship, and laughter to our company. With the help of these great people KMSP have grown year-on-year.

Where KMSP is going?

KMSP strongly believe that the way we treat and view the future (which are our habits) affects deeply the way we live and work, therefore we feel it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to speak out his mind and generate a sense of responsibility to sustain fast growing competitive environment.

At KMSP we have extensive planning to go to great lengths to source and offer professional products to fill the need of our customers. Quick turnaround times, print quality, communication and a happy bunch of people are always there to help you out technically and morally both.