Teacher Stamp – Learning Intention Met

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Fast marking and rewarding children for their hard work, the Trodat Printy Teacher Stamp featuring the message ‘today’s learning intention met!’ alongside dolphins provides a fun way to motivate pupil’s in your classroom.

The Printy 4911 stamp is lightweight, durable and features a laser engraved die to ensure a clean and precise finish to each imprint, while the blue ink will stand out on the page.

The stamp is made using up to 70% recycled materials and is climate neutral as standard helping to protect the environment and our children’s future.

The Printy stamp will provide over a 1000 impressions and when the ink does finally begin to run out, simply purchase the Trodat replacement ink pad, 6/4911, which is available in black, red, blue, green and violet to further extend the use of the stamp for 1000’s more impressions.

  • Impression size 38x14mm dia
  • Prints over 1000 impressions

Additional information

Dimensions20 × 20 mm
Stamp Ink Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Violet


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