Vinyl Weeding Tool, Tshirt, Sign Vinyl, Sublimation Silhouette Straight Needle Craft Weeder

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You enjoy elaborate vinyl designs, and with the Weeding Tool Set, weeding is now part of the enjoyment!
This specialised tools is designed to work quickly, easily, and accurately.
To hold and lift narrow, delicate vinyl strips, you get Fine Tweezers with long, fine tips.
With these Tweezers, how long does steroids stay in your system remove bigger bits.
These Weeders are also available, with a versatile tips.
With the Piercing Tool, you can pierce, lift, and place cuts.
The Hook Weeder’s hooked end creates the optimal angle for weeding difficult materials like glitter vinyl.
Weeding has never been so enjoyable!
You now have a tool for any task, every type of vinyl, and your most intricate patterns.
There are 4 different types of Tweezers available in our store.
  • Fine Weeder
  • Hooked Weeder
  • Crooked Weeder
  • Curved Weeder 
For other types, please visit our store and choose your product.

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Dimensions250 × 15 × 15 mm


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